Petra Education Company

About Us

Petra Education Company is a public shareholding company established in 1991 and is the owner of the University of Petra (UOP).

Our Mission:

To work towards creating an academic, cultural and social environment that develop quality learning, creativity, innovation and research opportunities and which build up the competencies of UOP members, provide active community service and prepare its students to be capable of creative and critical thinking as well as lifelong learning to actively compete in the marketplace and workforces.

Our Vision:

The Petra Education Company aspires to be the "University of Choice", in Jordan and the region for learners and scholars.

Our Purpose:

To play a significant role in the progress of our nation through creating and disseminating knowledge & technology and preparing graduates who can contribute positively towards their communities.

Our Values:

To pursue learning for the sake of knowledge. To provide equal opportunities for learning and excelling. To learn how to learn. To motivate members for lifelong learning. To respect diversity, plurality & the opinions of others. To encourage teamwork and collaboration. To treasure creativity and achievements. To advocate for intellectual freedom. To commit to social justice and social responsibility. To be dedicated to leadership development and accountability.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Petra Education Company consists of the following 11 directors:

Mr. Mousa

Chair of the Board (COB)

Mr. Bashar

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Eng. “Mohammad Mazen” Al-Ansari

Board Member / General Manager

Ms. Reem

Board Member

Mr. Reda

Board Member

Dr. Khalil

Board Member

Eng. Awni

Board Member

Mr. "Mohammed Hisham" Al-ansari

Board Member

Dr. "Mohammed Fahmi"

Board Member

Mr. Khalil

Board Member

Eng. Hisham

Board Member